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Intent, Implementation and Impact of Computing at St Winefride’s Catholic Primary School


Here at St. Winefride’s Primary School, we aim to prepare our learners for their future by giving them the opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills that will equip them for an ever-changing digital world. Knowledge and understanding of ICT is of increasing importance for children’s future both at home and for employment. Our Computing curriculum focuses on a progression of skills in digital literacy, computer science, information technology and online safety to ensure that children become competent in safely using, as well as understanding, technology. These strands are revisited repeatedly through a range of themes during children’s time in school to ensure the learning is embedded and skills are successfully developed. Our intention is that Computing also supports children’s creativity and cross-curricular learning to engage children and enrich their experiences in school. The computing curriculum at St Winefride’s Catholic Primary School aims to deliver a fun, engaging and valuable take on many of the technological aspects that are spread throughout our daily lives. Due to the constant shifting of technology, the skills that are being taught are always changing and developing. At St Winefride’s, computing is a practical subject, in which invention and showing initiative are encouraged.


Ensuring the National Curriculum Computing objectives are delivered, across and throughout the key stages, is the foundation of computing teaching at our school. We have designed a long-term plan to meet the individual needs of our children. By carefully selecting and combining units from Code It, Common Sense Education and we aim to provide a comprehensive curriculum that enables all children to progress in computing. Children in Early Years provision will be exposed to the understanding of internet safety as they explore the world around them and how technology is an everyday part of their learning and understanding of the world. We also cover the importance of E-safety as part of our computing curriculum. Children are taught to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly, recognising acceptable and unacceptable behaviours online and what to do if they feel unsafe or unsure online. The children are also taught how to report and respond to concerns and content online. Children have also enjoyed theatre groups performing plays over the last few years, with areas including cyber bullying and passwords. Computing is timetabled and taught in classrooms using technology available, including iPads and Laptops and we utilise these resources in other subject areas to make cross curricular links with computing skills and understanding of technology.



The desired outcome for computing is that we produce extremely computer literate young people ready for many of the challenging aspects that await in the future. They will be able to make sensible choices regarding online activities, demonstrate proficient skills in using a range of technologies and understand the importance of computational thinking to coincide with the practical skills this subject provides. The Computing curriculum will introduce potential future career aspirations for some or allow others to become competent in the use of software critical to their educational and working lives. It will give them the ability to think both logically and creatively to solve problems. What we essentially aim to deliver by the end of a pupil’s St Winefride’s Catholic Primary School journey is someone who is able to:

  • think logically.
  • construct algorithmic instructions.
  • show an awareness of their impact on the online community and how they are able to stay safe within this.
  • use a variety of technology to capture, view and edit footage.
  • confidently use a range of computer software and hardware to carry out vital tasks.


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