Reception 2023 - 2024

Mr Shipton

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Our Lenten Promises

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The Reception children enjoyed having lunch with their grown up. 

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Once Upon A Time...

This half term our topic is 'Once Upon A Time' and this week our focus has been on the story 'The Gingerbread Man'. 

First, the children designed their Gingerbread Man. The children then created their own Gingerbread Man by mixing the ingredients together and baking it in the oven. The children finished by decorating their Gingerbread Man, copying their design. 

  14GingerbreadMan 1.jpg

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Once Upon A Time...

This half term our topic is 'Once Upon A Time' and this week our focus has been on the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. 

The children planted their very own magic beans. 


Art Week 2023 - Printing

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Nativity Performance 2023

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10Anti Bullying Week 1.jpg

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The children made their own Diwali (Diya) lamps out of clay, painted them in bright colours and placed a candle in the middle to help guide Rama and Sita back home. The children celebrated the Hindu Festival of Light - Diwali. 

8Diwali 1.jpg

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During the children's first Religious Education lesson, with a focus on Creation, they made pictures to create a display in the school hall about how God made the world in 7 days. 

4Creation Display.jpg

The children painted a picture of themselves.


The children painted their favourite animal from our story 'Monkey Puzzle'.

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2Monkey Puzzle 23.24.jpg


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