Year 1 2023 - 2024

Miss Wright

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Art Week - Spring 2

DT Week 2024

This week we have been designing and making a crown that is fit for a Queen. This has linked to our History topic about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. 



Art Week 2023

This week we have looked at the artist Andy Warhol. 

For our final piece of art we created calendars in the style of Andy Warhol.



Nativity Performance 2023


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This half term we have been reading the story 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. We planned and wrote our own version of the story. 

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Welcome to St. Winefride's

2022 - 2023 Reception Class

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Meet the Reception Team

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Mr Shipton - Class Teacher

Mrs Edwards - Teaching Assistant

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Blue Planet Aquarium

The children visited the Blue Planet Aquarium to support and extend their learning on their topic 'Clem and Crab', looking after our environment. The children enjoyed looking at the sea creatures and learning more about the dangers of plastic on our beaches and in our oceans.  

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The Coronation of King Charles III

The children came to school dressed in their red, white and blue clothes and their home made crowns.

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The children painted a portrait of King Charles III.  

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World Down Syndrome Day 2023

The children came into school wearing brightly coloured socks to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day 2023. 

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British Science Week


The children enjoyed a science session carried out by a company called ‘Hands On Science’. Our real-life Scientist ‘James’ delivered a session to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 all about adaptation and camouflage. The children had a presentation about a variety of animals from the sea, land, and sky, who could camouflage and adapt to their habitat. James talked about, explained, and demonstrated what adaption means and is and what camouflage means and is and gave video examples to show the children. The children then got to decorate a paper butterfly very simply using just simple shapes, patterns, and colours. They were then given a piece of paper, the children had to place their butterfly onto the paper and camouflage their butterfly by decorating the piece of paper around the butterfly using the same shapes, patterns and colours they used for their butterfly.

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15th March 2023

The Reception children walked to the local post box to post their Mother's Day letters.

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14th March 2023

Tree Planting with our Year 6 Bubbies


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Week Beginning 6th March 2023

Observational Drawings of Past and Prsent Toys

Ob Toy Drawing 1.jpg

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World Book Day 2023

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Fairy Tale Wooden Spoon Puppets

To celebrate World Book Day, on Thursday 2nd March 2023, all the children in the class designed and made their own Fairy Tale wooden spoon puppet. They took their inspiration from the collection of classic Fairy Tales we have been reading recently. The children spent all morning working incredibly hard at cutting, sticking, colouring, gluing and picking the perfect materials and resources to compliment their Fairy Tale wooden spoon puppet.

Wooden Spoon 1.jpg 

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The Gingerbread Man

The children worked together to make Gingerbread Men. 

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Jack and the Beanstalk


The children planted thier own magic beans after lisetning to our story of the week 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

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Reception Nativity 2022

Nativity 2022 1.jpg

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Hanukkah 2022


The children tasted foods (doughnuts) that had been cooked in oil to celebrate the Jeiwsh Festival of Light - Hanukkah

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Anti-Bullying Week 2022: Reach Out


Anti-Bullying Week 2022 is coordinated in England and Wales by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. It will take place from 14 to 18 November 2022 and has the theme Reach Out. The week will kick off with Odd Socks Day on Monday 14th November, where adults and children wear odd socks to celebrate what makes us all unique.

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The children tasted Indian food to celebrate Diwali - The Hindu festival of light. 

Diwali - Food tasting.jpg 

Monkey Puzzle


The children decorated paper plates to create an animal from the story 'Monkey Puzzle'.

Monkey Puzzle 1.jpg

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Monday 10th October 2022

World Mental Health Day 2022

Hello Yellow Day

On Monday 10th October, St Winefride’s took part in Hello Yellow day to raise awareness about mental health. This year’s theme was about coming together and emphasising the importance of looking out for each other and getting everyone feeling helpful about the future.

We held a day where the children accessorised their school uniform with yellow, and in class they took part in activities to encourage togetherness, boost wellbeing and increase awareness.

Reception class had a great time taking part in a scavenger hunt looking for items that were yellow. Afterwards they watched a PowerPoint on how it is important to speak to a trusted grownup if they every feel sad or worried about anything.

Hello Yellow Day 1.jpg

Hello Yellow Day 2.jpg

Hello Yellow Day 3.jpg

Friday 30th September 2022

Reception Portraits

Portrait 1.jpg

Portrait 2.jpg

Portrait 3.jpg

Portrait 4.jpg

Tuesday 27th September 2022

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

The children enjoyed creating and eating a healthy fruit Tiger.

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