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National Curriculum 2014

In September 2014, the DfE published a new National Curriculum.

The website below outlines all the objectives to be covered in each year group, in each curriculum area.


In St. Winefride's, we believe that children learn best when they are given real, first-hand experiences. We have, therefore, chosen to deliver most of our geography, history, art and design technology (DT) through a cross-curricular (topic) approach. Where possible, science and music will be incorporated, together with the skills learnt in English, maths and computing.

We have also decided to deliver the curriculum as a two-year rolling programme, so that years 1/2, year 3/4 and years 5/6 can work together, sharing educational visits, visitors to school and resources.

Religious Education is taught as a discrete subject, delivered through ‘The Way, the Truth and the Life’. This is the scheme of work that has been chosen for delivery in Catholic schools by the Diocese of Shrewsbury. Social justice, mutual respect and tolerance of other faiths, cultures and ways of life and learning about other faiths is also taught using resources from a variety of sources such as CAFOD, Barnardo’s.

PE and games, including dance, are taught by specialist coaches as well as our class teachers.

French is taught to all KS2 pupils. Pupils are exposed to incidental French, and other modern foreign languages as part of the school day, and special days, such as European Language Day or Bastille Day, are held each year, where pupils are immersed in the language and culture of the chosen country.

A very packed curriculum and the nature of some curriculum areas, such as art or DT, means that some subjects or topics are best delivered in ‘block’ form, with the pupils being taught intensively over the period of a day or a few days during the week. The advantage of this, is that pupils can work on a bigger project and materials and resources can be left out in the classroom or overnight.

Where possible, educational visits or visitors are invited into school to enhance the pupils’ learning and bring the topic to life.

In year 4 and year 6, the pupils are invited to take part in residential visits.

The year 4 residential visit is to Beeston and lasts for 3 days. The main focus of this visit is geography with children comparing the physical features of their home town with Beeston village, and developing knowledge, skills and understanding of a local area. However, history is also covered through visiting Beeston Castle and learning about the part played by Cheshire in the English Civil War. More importantly, as many pupils have not stayed away from their families before, the visit provides opportunity to develop their social, interpersonal, self-help and independence skills.

The primary aim of the five-day residential visit to the Conway Centre (Anglesey) for year 6 pupils is to build upon these personal experiences, and to challenge the pupils to extend their ‘comfort zone’ through activities such as gorge walking, canoeing, climbing, abseiling and similar adventures.

Relationship and Sex Education – this is taught through a holistic approach, with pupils’ knowledge being built upon and developed so that by the end of year 6they are ready to deal with any issues in high school. The Relationship and Sex Education Policy is closely linked to the personal, social, health and emotional curriculum and is based upon family life and personal relationships.

Should parents visit to withdraw their children from Relationships and Sex Education lessons, they may do so after consultation with the headteacher.

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