The Beasties

Date: 25th Nov 2015 @ 6:49am

Wednesday 25th November

‚ÄčHello year 4. Your homework this week is to comment on this blog about different things that could happen in 'The Beasties' story. I will provide parts in the story (but not all of them) that could have different outcomes (different things that could happen) and I would like you to come up with different ideas as to what could happen. You could even come up with different things that could happen from somebody else's idea. These ideas will then be used next week to create our power point algorithm stories.

Parts to provide 2 options for:

1. She didn't see them spread their treasures underneath her bed.

Think of two different kinds of treasures that could be under her bed. What stories could this lead to? (Just write notes)

2. During the Beasties' stories, think about what options could be given for the reader (How did Ferdinand jump out?) think what would happen in each choice.

3. Daisy finally meets the Beasties under her bed. Give different options as to what she does.

4.She is handed a shell and told to tell her own story. Think of two different story ideas (in notes)

Can you think of any other parts in the story where other things could happen?

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