Year 4 story homework

Date: 4th Dec 2015 @ 4:16pm

Hi all. My computer was being silly, I do apologise. This can be completed by Wednesday due to the lateness of it being added to the website. Here is the beginning of a story for you to continue with. Try to continue it from the last person who did a paragraph of the story and let's see where the story leads us.

Harry was a nine year old boy who lived with his mum and dad in the City. His parents both had to work away, so his nanny Catherine came to look after him. One night, Harry had to print out his homework on monkeys but couldn't find any. He searched in all of the places that he could think of, but there was none to be seen. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a pad in his nanny's bag. Desperate to not get into trouble at school, Harry took the paper and printed his work. What Harry didn't know was that the paper was magic paper, and all of a sudden, the monkeys started to appear out of the paper.

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